My issue is that Im always left feeling more than the other one

like Im always the one thinking about it, being sad over it, crying over it, hurting over it, being angry over it, destroying myself over it while the other person just seems completely … fine.

I think the reason I dont just throw in the towel and 100% not care is the fear of reality, that this is it , that if i decide that Im not gonna try to get someones attention anymore later on , I’ll think ” I shouldve tried harder”.

But i mean you cant always be the one trying.

Sooner or later you have to be ok with the fact that maybe that person really doesnt care, that people hurt you and can go on about life like its nothing.

Sooner or later you have to stop feeling like youre insignificant, you have to stop looking at yourself as the issue every time something doesnt work out.

And sooner or later you have to really decide to move on , cause there might be something better out there for you.

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Why complicate Life


1. Missing somebody – Call.

2. Wanna meet up – Invite.

3. Wanna be understood – Explain.

4. Have questions – Ask.

5. Don’t like something - Speak up.

6. Like something – Share it.

7. Want something - Ask for it.

8. Love someone – Tell them.

We only have one life. Keep it simple.

"BITCH ME TOO!! The fuck?"
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